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GATE 07 – Maid Diplomacy Aug17

GATE 07 – Maid Diplomacy

  Well, I must say this episode clearly shows how Maid Diplomacy works. And it really works for Itami. After all, He is an otaku…and a ranger! I mean, seriously?! Whenever He is not killing people, He watches anime and loves Maids. Welcome to the strange world of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri! After the confusing incident last week, Itami was treated like a king with some maids at his side. Guess Pina is worried about diplomatic incidents. Those are cute maids, if you asks Me. Pina even sent one of her loyal guards to use her body as an apology. Final result was hilarious for Me and painful for Itami. At the end,...

God Eater 05 – Bloody Mess Aug17

God Eater 05 – Bloody Mess

  Oh God, I am not even sure how to start this post. It is probably the best so far for the series and the sad thing is that this kind of animation, music, everything is killing Ufotable as We have to wait TWO more weeks for the next episode. Good Lord. Everything in this episode is just amazing in so many levels.  There were so many revelations here and We will have to wait how things evolve…and unfortunately, in a SLOWLY way! My impressions for this episode follows (Spoilers included) We know now that They need lots and I mean, LOTS AND LOTS of cores to build Aegis and this project is just HUGE, like the Aragami They faced in...

GATE 06 – Shoot First, Ask Later, Part 2 Aug10

GATE 06 – Shoot First, Ask Later, Part 2

  This episode of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri! was just like that other one. A slaughter and They even included “Ride of the Valkyries” during the battle. The slaughter was so wild that even Pina Colada asks herself about her situation with this powerful “enemy”. It was just a massacre. The only thing I really enjoyed was Rory Mercury´s orgasm…I mean, fight against the enemy. That was really cool to see. I don´t think this massacre is not going to end yet, but I have to question how long this advantage is going to last. I mean, it is going to be very boring to see this over and over again. I...

God Eater 04 – Aegis Aug09

God Eater 04 – Aegis

Ufotable really gets me angry with all those delays. We can understand the problems with the production, budget and schedules. But this problem is really annoying and it is taking its toll. Anyway, back to the episode, the long wait was worth it. This was good and I will tell you my impressions about it. We finally see Kota with his “game” clothes.  We also see how most people lives in town. All this people really lives as refugees and it is sad. At some point, They used some of the game´s soundtrack. Damn, that was great to listen. Alisa and Sakura looks really hot when They fight. Battles! Finally, We see the whole group...

GATE 05 – Pina Colada Jul31

GATE 05 – Pina Colada

  Episode 05 of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri! is here. Piña Coladas are really good and I can say the same with this episode. Piña Colada (ピニャコラーダ Pinyakorāda)…Really?? That was basically the thing that made me laugh. And I thought I was done with the character names on this series, and suddenly, They revealed the Princess name…She has the name of a cocktail so I wonder if She is THAT sweet. Well, after watching this episode, I think She really is. They show us a flashback on how She became part of the “Honor Guard” and her first encounter with her possible death. I am having great expectations...

GATE 04 – Unknown Lands Jul28

GATE 04 – Unknown Lands

  This episode of Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri! was good enough due to the fact that They show us those small details that give a meaning of what lies ahead. There were lots of things I liked from this.   It is funny how the JSDF built the compound. Reminds me of The Pentagon, but is now an star. Why They built It this way? We finally got the names of the girls I like. The Magician girl (Lelei la Raleena), The Gothic Lolita (Rory Mercury) and the Elf Girl (Chuka Luna Marceau) I really wonder how the original author came up with those names anyway. The interaction between the refugees and the JSDF. They sure feels...

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